The Pangolin Green Foundation

We are a nonprofit organization envisioning a sustainable world filled with people living in harmony with nature.

Our Mission: Towards a Sustainable World

Our mission is to maximize the number of humans living sustainably. We do this by developing green communities with free housing. To this end we have three primary activities:

  1. Charitable: We construct and nurture self-sustaining communities where humans can live in harmony with nature and each other. Our residents will receive free housing, while the public benefits through reduced air pollution and the capture of harmful greenhouse gasses.

  2. Scientific: Our communities will serve as laboratories where we can collect data and develop sustainable technologies. Our findings are shared with the public.

  3. Educational: We provide free educational materials on sustainability to the public through our website as well as educating within our communities.

How do we do it?

We build sustainable communities where humans can live in cooperation with nature.

Board of Directors

Bobuchi Ken-Opurum, ENV SP

Sarah Bliss, MPhil, MBA

Ashma Gautam, MBA

Our Team


John is a tech wizard and suspected environmental activist. In October 2020, he created to help protect and heal the planet. In addition to cooking and reading, John likes go hiking in search of waterfalls and mossy rocks.


Anna is our “Ambassador of People” and kids content expert. She is a lighting design student and people-loving extrovert. Anna’s favorite outdoor activity is hunting for mushrooms in the forest.


Jameson is a tiny creature with a big personality. He is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to play lots of different games. He enjoys snacks, particularly human foods. His favorite toys are a laser and a robot bug.

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