A Green World, by Priyankha Kamalakannan A Green world is all we need, To make our lives succeed. It all starts from a single seed, The right medicine for Mother Earth indeed. Our dear, strong, Planet is slowly crumbling, Soon we’ll all be ‘round and tumbling, Going upon the ground that’s stumbling, Counting down the days that have been numbering. Not every place is like Hawaii. With blue, beautiful seas. GMOs killing innocent bees, Emptying the hives in the trees. No more pollen, The beauty of the world has fallen. This should be a word of caution, The Earth is now a devastating exhaustion. Strange weather leading to animal extinction, Destroying habitats in the distance. Always a changing life condition, Putting humanity in a difficult position. Careless twigs, burning down the forests, Lives of plants being demolished, You know, to be honest, Humanity cannot forfeit. Leave the trees, Just let them be, Because there is no Planet B. Anyhow, they’re there to heal the planet, you see. Spreading trees and plants around, Will make the potential of this planet unbound. We must make this message to sound, Put a foot down on the ground. Stop your car and ride your bike, Or you can go on a hike. You can see what we sustainable humans like, We’ll be joyful when a green civilization will strike. Turn off the tap every time, You can always save an extra dime. We’re looking for green in our lifetime, Let’s make healing Earth’s wounds our pastime. The new evolution, Carrying over the pollution, All over, even in the Ocean, It’s harm has been proven. Littering and littering, Although we know not to. Causing pollution to stay there lingering, Although it ought not to. Reuse, reduce, recycle. Every resource is vital, Because there is no revival. No revival, no survival, This fact has no denial. Limit the waste, That’s of good taste, Because a wasteful world will be a disgrace. This fact we need to embrace. Wisely use the paper, And help save nature, If not we’ll soon be living in a crater, Hotter than the Equator. Say no to plastic, And make the environment enthusiastic. Pollution is only drastic, No, it’s not fantastic. Carbon dioxide, removing Oxygen, We’re trying to be approximate. A big, terrible, consequence, We can still survive with our confidence. Towering over us is climate change, It’s time to make the greenhouse Gases arranged, A dry, deserted Earth seems strange, We all need to engage. Earth is not our servant, It is there and observant. You should know that this is most urgent, Because of the growing burden. The protection and health of Mother Earth, We all need to observe. A better future we can unearth, In the end we’ll be thanked for our worth. Working together as one team, To conquer our dream. Don’t just daydream, We must make the green regime supreme. So many problems, but plenty solutions, Let’s put them into perfect execution. Just turn around and take a think, What more can we do to make our world Green?

About the Author: I am Priyankha Kamalakannan, a 5th Grade student living in Germany. My main hobbies are writing and reading. I mostly like to write poetry about Nature. Some of my other hobbies include baking, drawing and badminton. I also have a channel on youtube on which I share my fun experiences with everyone. if you want to read more of my experiences, please go ahead and visit my website. There is always something new to see there.