poem, by Carley Ritter (2021) Come, let us offer ourselves to this One Earth With reverence and devotion Bow before her edible altar Drink deep of her living waters Be still Study her with curiosity and a commitment To save ourselves from our own self-centeredness Reclaim our undeniable interconnectedness No, we can’t do it without her Try as we might to tame and till Do we really think our ways can match The million years magic she’s making? Ever regenerating Oh, humanity It is in protecting her that we are protected It is in her healing that we are healed May we walk humbly on the deeper path Above empty taking and endless trashing Find our place in her sound system That we were never in control of Kneel for each needed piece Of the hallowed whole It is beautiful and we belong to it Together, we sing the hymn of life Varied, wild, wonderful life Remember the harmony