Let the Green Grin, by Abundio Noel M. Libot The grin of the green on the go, Give space for everyone to grow, So nourish her that she may glow, Consider what she's going through. Never push the nature to rush, Or else she may come to collapse, Every time, a moment of hush, Nature is not a bullet bus. Let her dance with her own rhythm, For she has a beautiful hymn, She may move slower than our dream, But she is certain as the stream. Wait the time when her fruits are ripe, We don't have to use any knife, Respect is the key to survive, As we go on the road of life. There's too much for our daily bread, But never enough for our greed, Taking everything till she's red, Not minding if the earth would bleed. Don't we know she's our mother? What are we if she is not here? Could we really live without her That we act as if we don't care? Imagine when our mother dies, Tell me, then, where gonna fly. Does space has enough air supply, As we would soar there up on high? Could our money help us to breath, When heat start to suffocate? Please think of it a little bit, Or else, we will only regret. Don't rush the green to become gold, For she has a plot to uphold, A good story yet to be told, Just like the fairy tales of old. Let her enjoy her being green, Before she turns into golden, Just allow the nature to reign, In order to avoid the pain. Wake up now and let us unite, And let us start this noble fight For the earth to enjoy her right, We shall protect her day and night. Let the fight begin in ourselves, Our egos may push us to grave, They corrupt our virtue like thieve, Discipline is what we deserve. For it is easy to compose, But our egos are to oppose, As we think ourselves as the boss, We just do what we hated most. We like our vision to be clear, Yet we are polluting the air In order to speed up our gear, Though we are not going somewhere. We're the monster we're afraid of, We are traitors of our own hope, Many times we turn green off, Because we think they are aloof. We want everything to come quick, As if we hate to take a break, But we are just lazy to take, The longer yet the safer step. As everything now is instant, Our patient has also declined, Throw what we think no longer fine, Anyway, they're easy to find. Some of them are still usuable, But we refuse to be humble, Thinking that new is always cool, We are changing often our tools. So the green we slowly erase, As the garbage come to increase, For everything soon to be waste, The earth is going to be mess. Little by little, now and then, We're eliminating the green, As we enjoy the plastic's reign, We love colorful cellophane. We have to stop our bad habit, To take care the fresh air we breath, We need to tame our very selves, To show our love to mother earth. Now is the right moment to rise, We really need to sacrifice, Let us eliminate our vice, Or else, we have to pay the price. Let the green grin for sky be blue, Let every creature come to glow, That we can continue to go, To pollution, let us say, No!

About the author: Abundio Noel M. Libot is a native of Bohol, Philippines. He is the second son of Abundio Libot and Trifonia Migriño. He is an advocate of organic farming. He uses biodegredable waste for fertilizer. He uses bicycle for his land transportation. He prefers to row boat than use engine.