How to Compost the Easy Way

Composting can seem complex, intimidating, and maybe even smelly. In this short guide, we show you how can compost easily in your backyard!

Two compost piles. Pile number one is empty, with a stick protruding from the ground. Pile number two is full of food waste.


  1. Identify a good spot for your compost. This should be somewhere not directly next to the house, but also not too far from the kitchen.
  2. Plot out two or more "zones" in your compost spot. About 3'x3' each should be enough room. You can always adjust later if needed.
  3. Pick an "active zone". This is the part of your compost pile where you will place food waste. Placing a stick in the ground of this zone is a good way to remember.
  4. Begin composting! Simply dump your food waste into the active zone. You may coat it with a shovelful of soil if you want to hide the appearance or smell.
  5. Once the active zone is full, simply switch over to another zone. Once all zones are full, the first zone should be fully broken down and ready to use as gardening soil!