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Why We Need Free Sustainable Housing

Basic housing is a basic right. Everyone deserves a place to be warm, dry, and comfortable. In the United States homelessness is growing with over 500,000 unhoused. Every single person we fail to house represents a loss to the community. Worrying about where one’s next meal will come from or where to sleep wastes time and energy that could be better spent. Having a home enables upward mobility, why not make it a sustainable home?

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With all of the amazing benefits earthships have to offer, it is puzzling as to why society has not adopted earthship construction and the values of sustainable living. Perhaps many of the stigmas of earthship development – such as the use of trash as construction materials and their unconventional form and design – still present a barrier to their mainstream acceptance.

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Ashma’s Story: Sustainability in Nepal

I am in a phase in my life where I do not know if I should call myself a woman, girl, or a lady. Woman feels too mature, girl feels too kiddish and lady feels too sophisticated. Meanwhile, I will address myself with my first name, “Ashma”. This is my story: ‘An Eastern girl becoming a Western woman.’

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