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Food Scarcity: Effects and Solutions

Food security is an enormous issue facing all of humanity. Food scarcity, in essence, is about how we feed a growing population at a time of climate change, which is unpredictable and not fully understood. Globally, we are reliant on a very slender thread of genetic diversity. According to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), more than 50% of all human calories are obtained from just three plants: rice, maize, and wheat

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Ashma’s Story: Sustainability in Nepal

I am in a phase in my life where I do not know if I should call myself a woman, girl, or a lady. Woman feels too mature, girl feels too kiddish and lady feels too sophisticated. Meanwhile, I will address myself with my first name, “Ashma”. This is my story: ‘An Eastern girl becoming a Western woman.’

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